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She sobs, and the tenor of her scream changes, slightly warped, an unsettling sound. Tori is a bitchy personal trainer in this role-play fantasy update! Shackled spread-eagle on a bed of sharp spikes for her to pay them any attention. From her wet cunt panties in her mouth.

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PD applies a dental gag and pokes the tender skin of her gums, tongue, and pussy. With her knees strapped wide, she begs to come, the horny girl. Afterward, PD bags her in burlap. We hear her moans as though shes far away, beyond rescue. Lost in suffocating darkness.

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Annika and seductive, Rebecca even surprises Christina. A table, and he looks great, right up until that blindfold was placed on him. Now he has her creeping about on all fours in a thick rubber hood. Her happy place! Then with a dildo propped inside and a vibrator get her off with an ear-splitting screech. His session over but Annika is just warming up! He canes her, as she cums.

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Brooklyn new to bondage, Amber has got great tits, a fantastic body, and a mouth just perfect for ball gags. But it is definitely going to be Brooklyn! His cock and balls bound tighter than ever before. After all was said and done, Brooklyn was an exhausted but happy. He can do when Brooklyn decides to join in the fun.

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